PeoplePerInch Project


Imagine if you were to choose a colour pixel to represent yourself.

It could be your favourite shade or it could be a colour that somehow has special meaning in your life. There are many, many versions of each colour;is yours light or dark, bright or muted, pastel or primary?

Once you have thought about your colour, imagine a myriad of different pixels from a large variety of people, coming together to form one piece of art.

This concept is the idea behind the interesting and colourful project that was undertaken by Perth artist, Rebecca Anne Lee.

In order for this project to continue growing and to be as colourful and as diverse as possible Rebecca needs people to be a part of this art experiment by signing up for a pixel. It will only take a couple of minutes and all information will be kept confidential. You can track your pixel once it is used in the artworks and you will be able to see where your pixel is exhibited.

Please join up by visiting, choosing a pixel colour and filling in the short survey.
It would be much appreciated if you can also pass this along to your family and friends especially anyone from countries outside Australia.